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The Process


Starting with a phone or Zoom call we discuss you and what you want your trip to be. Our passion for travel is as personal and distinct as your fingerprint. As a travel and research addict, I would love to know: your travel style, preferences, dream wish list, and every other important travel detail we need to uncover. 


Custom Designs

In this phase you’ll receive proposals tailored specifically for you. You’ll get to review the options and see details catering specifically to your travel desires, budget, dates, and special requests. You’ll tell us what you can do without, and anything you’d like changed or added. Basically, we’ll work back and forth until we have the perfect itinerary before moving onto the next phase.

Book It!

This is where FTLO handles of all the details. We collect your payment information, make all reservations, deposits, arrangements, insurance and activity bookings. We’ll even put everything together for you on our travel app, AXUS. All you need to do is pull out your calendar and start counting down the days until departure!


Pack your bags because it's Vacation Time!! Now you are on your way to enjoying your: adventure, romantic getaway, wellness immersion, internal recharging, reconnecting time or long-awaited celebration. All the while we’ll be checking in with our partners along the way, making sure all is going as planned and that our travel providers are taking the very best care of you.


When you return home, we’ll talk about your experience. Hopefully we will have seen photos taken along the way. Now is when we want to know what went well along with feedback to help us improve. This way, we can make every trip better than the last!

FTLO is ready to begin planning your next journey with you! When ready complete the form below. Once received, we will schedule a complementary half hour consultation and begin the travel process together.

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